“Act Like I’m PICKY Towards Chics??” – How To Flirt With Girls

Yo Brother,
So another strategy to make you seem more “Exclusive” and not “Desperate” is to qualify women with certain questions. Basically: You want to make her think you’re a picky chooser when it comes to women.
Here’s an example from an interaction I had with a chic a few weeks back:
Me: “…So, do you smoke?”
Her: “No I don’t.”
Me: “Oh good. I tend to stay away from women who smoke. It’s not healthy and a woman who cares about herself is super attractive to me.”
Her: *Blushing* “Aww great… Well I’m glad I make the cut! :)”
You see, when you make a woman think you are picky, she feels you are more of an exclusive guy who has choices, not a guy out here desperate and willing to stick his dick in anything moving. And once you let her know she’s a part of that exclusive group that you’re attracted to, she’ll also get a self-esteem boost, and thus automatically become more attracted to you.
By the way, the smoking question is just an example… It can be replaced or added on to by anything, such as: “Do you have kids?” … “Did you ever go to College?” … “Can you cook?” … etc etc etc…
Ask the girl a question, and after she answers make her feel like her answer is “safe”, because this is the type of woman you deal with. You’ll come off like a champ and make her all tingly inside, a 2 for 1 special.
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I’ll be in touch with more vital info soon brother!
Your Bro 4life,
Adrian Gee

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