“Alpha-Male = ENDLESS Chics???” – How To Talk To Girls

Bro… let me let you in on a little secret:
What a woman loves more than *anything* is an authoritative, “powerful” man who is in control of situations.
No, I don’t mean powerful like the President or Bill Gates or something like that… You don’t need to be rich or own a huge company…
What I’m saying is a woman will just gravitate to a man who pretty much *demands* what they want.
When you approach a girl and YOU give her the impression that you EXPECT her to give you her number because you are more in control, she is much more likely to give it to you.
Here’s an example based off of wording:
“What do you think about going to lunch with me on Saturday?”
“So we will go to lunch on Saturday and get better acquainted.”
Right there: You basically made a *demand* rather than a “request”… You are TELLING HER she will meet you Saturday, and in a weird way, women just love this sort of thing.
It gives her the feeling that you have that Alpha gene and will protect her if any adverse situations ever arise.
Pound this into your head and work on being more authoritative, and watch how many panties you have dropping every week.
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I’ll be in touch very soon my friend. Now go Get Em!!!!
Your Bro 4-Life,
Adrian Gee

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