Do Looks Matter For Sex? – What Women Want In A Man

Yo Brother,
So let me tell you a little story about my friend Brenton, or what me and my buddies call him, “Ugly Brent”.
See, we feel comfortable enough calling him that, because we KNOW it doesn’t bother him one. single. bit.
Reason ?
Brent is probably one of the most confident dudes I have ever came across, and he believes in himself and his psychological approach to talking to women, regardless of his looks.
Like, Brent gets so many girls talking to him, it’s ridiculous. Some days we go out, he even picks up as many chics as me!
My point of telling you this is: The girls don’t care about his money… The girls don’t care about his looks… What makes the girl attracted to “Ugly Brent” is just how outright confident he is in himself.
Women love this trait more than *absolutely anything*, and once you master it, you will get as many chics as you could ever want… No matter what you look like.
Simply be confident, be firm, let the girl know you’re not desperate, let her know you’ve “been there before” a million times, and once she gets this vibe from you, the conversation will go a LOT differently. Trust me.
You can learn more on how confidence can take your pick up game to a whole new level by checking out the Full T8 System here. There’s so much covered in this system, it’ll have you bagging the chics like groceries in no time.
Check it out, and I will be in touch soon.
To Your Chic Bagging Adventures ….
Your Friend,
Adrian Gee

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