“Do Looks Matter??” How To Attract Women

Yo Brother,
So I’ve been getting a lot of emails from the Brotherhood lately, asking me things like:  “What if the girl doesn’t think I’m attractive?” … “Can I ever pull girls if I’m not the best looking guy?” … etc etc…

Well, I’m going to answer that question, and teach you how to get around that myth in this new video below, “Do Looks Matter”.

See this is the thing you need to remember bro: What WOMEN want and what MEN want are 2 totally different things… Let me explain:
You, a guy: You want a chic with nice tits, big butt, pretty face etc etc.
Her, a woman, she wants: A guy with confidence, humor, ambition etc etc.
So: Don’t think just because what YOU mainly want is looks, that that’s how a WOMAN thinks… She’s a woman, you’re a MAN!… You think totally different…

But again, watch the video below to learn a lot more on this principle, as it’ll help you get around this mental road block for good.

I’ve seen some of the least attractive dudes have the most beautiful women of anyone… It’s all about knowing the game
I’ll be in touch with more vital info soon brother.
Your Partner in Pick-Up,
Adrian Gee

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