“Get DREAM GIRL With No Fear??” How To Approach Any Girl

Hey Man,
How’s it going?
I have a very special video for you today that’s going to motivate you and help you conquer your ultimate fear: approaching the girl of your dreams. You can find it below.
I want you to imagine this… Imagine you’re out, in a store… And imagine you see a girl so beautiful, you know you’d DIE to have sex with her everyday for the next year… There’s NOTHING MORE IN THE WORLD you’d want than that…. Right?
Now imagine… If instead of going up to that girl and introducing yourself, you walk back to your car with your head down because you were *terrified* she’d utter 4 words: “I have a Boyfriend” …
Can you really imagine that? Really?? That’s sickening…
That’s like someone holding your winning lotto ticket, but you’re afraid to go ask for it because they MIGHT say “Sorry not for you” …
Are you *terrified* of those 4 words in that scenario? Hell no!
So… Why are you so terrified of those 4 words in the *other* scenario … ?┬áThink about it…
Watch this motivational video as I help you get over this psychological hump, and make sure you never miss out on that babe of your dreams again.
I’ll be sending you more vital info soon my friend.
Your Brother in Pick-Up,
Adrian Gee

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