“Good Body Language = 7x the Chics??” – Talking To Women

Yo Brother,
Today I want to tell you about a very crazy experiment I did recently.
There’s a study that says 93% of communication happens from body language and vocal tone, NOT the actual words you say… So, I decided to put this body language theory to the test in the real world..
So what I did was: 2 nights in a row, on Friday, and then on Saturday… I go to the local bar, by myself. I’m well groomed, and just sit at the bar.
The first night, I *intentionally* use extremely poor body language for the experiment. I basically never look girls in the eye, sit with my shoulders slumped, and act very shy and hesitant on purpose.
At the end of the night, I got 1 phone number. But she didn’t text back or call after the first day.
Fast forward to Saturday, again: Same bar, same clothes, same everything.
But this time, I’m being my normal self: Sitting with my back straight up, looking girls dead in the eye, talking bold & confident etc etc…
By the end of this night, I grabbed 7 chics numbers, 3 of them I banged already, and another I have lined up for next week.
EVERYTHING ELSE ABOUT ME remained the exact same *except* for my body language, and this alone caused the crazy difference in the results I got.
So bro: what you need to do is make sure your body language is up to par at all times, as this is one of the most important pieces to pulling a beautiful chic.
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I’ll be in touch soon my brother.
Your Chic Bagging Comrade…
Adrian Gee

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