How I Got a 3some EASY – This Will Change Your Life

Yo Brother,
Hope all is well with you!
Today, I’m not going to send you a lesson like the last few emails… But I’m going to show you a secret infield demonstration of the *best opener* I believe you can use, and how this *simple* opener lead to a 3some with 2 hot Argentinian chics. See the video below.
Notice how the girl in the colorful jacket comes up, and wants a piece of my attention too… At *that moment* is when she is now hooked, and I’m able to make my power play for a 3some later after I text her friend.
With this video, you’ll learn how the ordinary opener of “Hi, my name is…” … Can lead to extra-ordinary things (a 3some with 2 friends in their apartment)
Be sure to watch the video in here, so you can see how ridiculously easy this opener really is!
Stay on the lookout for MORE powerful infield demonstrations, lessons, as well as motivational videos in the coming days. You don’t want to miss the secrets I’m going to reveal…
Talk Soon Brother!
Your Brother in Pick-Up,
Adrian Gee

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