“How to Know If She’ll EVER Have Sex??” – Pickup Artist

Ok bro,
Let’s be real: 98% of men, likely you included, simply want a chic to bang. I know it, you know it, every girl knows it.
So with that said, I have to make sure you know how to set the right tone that’ll eventually lead her to having sex:
Basically, you can make a statement to a girl, that’s a filter, to see if she’d even remotely be open to sex or not… Saving you a ton of time
Here’s an example I did recently with a girl I’m talking to:
“So what are you up to tonight? You know I have one of those memory foam beds that’s super comfortable” …
If she smiles, or laughs, then: BANG!!!
Right there, I know she’s not wasting my time and down to have sex with me soon, so I kept talking to her…
On the other hand, if she had looked a little uncomfortable, or said something like, “Umm, Okkk”, with a slight eye roll, then I would immediately stop talking to her, as I know it’s a waste of time: She’s never going to get nasty, at least not within the time frame I’m looking for, which is FAST.
To get more info on this tactic and many others, check out the Full T8 System here, as it’ll really help you mold your entire game and pick-up repertoire.
I’ll be in touch soon my friend!
Your Partner in PickUp,
Adrian Gee

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