“Insulting Her = SEX ???” Flirting Tips

Hey Bro,
So Today I’m going to share a story on how I used a semi-insult to spark a conversation with a girl that I eventually banged. (This is a super powerful technique, so pay attention):
So I’m at the mall, and I simply walk up to a girl and say: “Hey, Nice boots.” … And she says “Aww, thank you”…
Then I say, “I think I saw the same ones at a thrift store earlier” …
Now immediately: She’s now caught off guard, slightly shocked, and maybe even 10 to 20% offended… But the key here is: she actually laughed and said “What?!” … And that’s when I say, “I’m only kidding…”
After that, we pick right up and start a full blown conversation from there.
Try this tactic, but use common sense and try not to say anything too offensive.
If you want to learn more on this tactic and others, check out the Full T8 System here, where you can get 69 total video lessons and infield demonstrations, covering the art of picking up girls from every angle you can imagine.
Check out the link above, and I’ll be in touch again soon.
Your Pickup Comrade,
Adrian Gee

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