“Negativity RUINS Dating Chances??” – Positivity Is Key For Life

So I had one of my students email me this:
“Hey Adrian,
I had a question about a potential hook up I may have screwed up and I hope you can help. Basically, I met a nice girl the other day, and got her attention using your ‘humor’ suggestion. Things went well and I actually got her number! The issue occurred when we were talking on the phone one evening, and I started complaining to her about my job. Basically I’m telling her how my job sucks, my boss is an ass, and how I just can’t stand the place. I’m going on and on for 5 minutes or so, and she seems interested.. Then all of a sudden she says she has to go and will call me back later. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I haven’t heard from her since and my text n calls aren’t being returned. What gives?”
See friends, the situation this student is going through is the perfect example of how negativity will ruin your chances with a girl.
If you spend 10 minutes on the phone whining to a chic about your job, then she is going to instantly think you’re a weakling; a beta-male who can’t figure out how to solve his own problems. She’ll feel less secure being around you and unprotected, because how can you protect her when you can’t even protect yourself … ? … Is what she’ll be thinking.
So the key take away is: Always, Always, ALWAYS exude positivity. Let it OOOZEEE out of your freaking pores man. Because once a woman see’s you’re a positive and confident guy, she’ll gravitate more towards you as she feels more secure in your presence.
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I’ll be in touch with more scenarios and tactics soon.
Your bro,
Adrian Gee

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