“She’ll Bang Me If I’m Not Needy??” – Will Change How You Date Forever

Please repeat after me: Don’t ever act needy… Don’t ever act needy… Don’t ever act needy…
Got it?
If you can follow this, you are one GIANT step closer to succeeding with picking up, and keeping women…
Let me tell you a quick story: About 5 years ago, when I used to show very, very strong interest in women, tell them how much I like them over and over, and display basically “simp” behaviors, the less women I used to pull.
Yet now, when I basically give a woman the vibe of “I’m good with or without you”, I am a LOT more successful in getting chics and lots of sex.
Sounds crazy right?
The reason is: When you come off as needy, you are seen as low value… Less exclusive… You’re not “scarce” enough… You’re HIGHLY available, so this lowers your value in a woman’s eyes…
Yet, if you make her feel like YOU are the prize and getting with YOU is a win for her, she will see you as more attractive and cater to you 100x more.
Here’s a perfect real world example: Diamonds, basically a piece of material that has literally no real value to anyone besides it’s “status”, is a very, very rare jewel. You can’t drive it like a new car, you can’t live in it like a new house… But find one big enough, and it’s worth more than your HOUSE AND CAR COMBINED…. Reason? It’s *rare*, it’s *scarce*, it’s *hard to get*….
When you make a woman feel like you are a Diamond (you don’t really care if she likes you or not), you’re looked at as more rare… On the other hand, if you beg, plead, or display “simp” behavior, you’re looked at like a Cubic Zirconia… and she doesn’t really want you that much, if at all.
Pound this into your head my friend; and you can also learn more about how to not come off as Needy, among many other lessons, by checking out the Full T8 System here.
I will be in touch with you soon!
Your PickUp  Partner,
Adrian Gee

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