Welcome to T8 BrotherHood (Free Video Inside!) What Women Want

Future Pick-Up Master,
How’s it going?
First off, congrats on actually being SMART and opting into this powerful email bonus program.
You love women, I love women, we all love WOMEN… And I am going to be sending you videos and more to help you have them RUNNING to jump in your bed. *Literally*.
So right now, I want you to check out this video that will: Help you conquer your fears and not be scared to APPROACH women. This is one of the 1st hurdles to bagging chics, so I wanted to get it knocked out early.
Check out our other articles on the AlphaHQ site and when your ready get The Full T8 System here and I will make sure you accomplish this chic-ssion.. I mean mission, in amazing, bed-rocking fashion.
Talk soon my friend!
Your Brother in Pick-Up,
Adrian Gee

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